- Sustainability means we do work with local suppliers in the French, Austrian and Italian Alps, building long term partnerships, using local materials and manufacturing capabilties.

- Sustainability means we carefully select the materials we use. Wood is originating from sustainably managed European forests having a  FSC label. The stainless steel we use is originating from 100% recycled production cycles. The wool originates from European mountain sheep.

- Sustainability means we do not use plastics to distribute our products, instead we developed dedicated cardboard packaging to ship our products. In doing so, we make sure to increase the robustness of the packaging to allow our products to be delivered without damages thus avoiding to have to resend packages.

- Sustainability means we develop timeless products, not driven by trends or temporary fashion phenomena.

- Sustainability means we develop products that can be used for a sustained period of time, when properly maintained even a lifetime. We use material thicknesses that can easily withstand prolonged normal usage.

- Sustainability means we create products with a soul, enjoyable to touch, enjoyable to use and enjoyable to offer. The used materials will age gracefully, getting a distinguished patina over time, signs of intensive use and subtle marks as memories of the owners adventures.