Lunchbox 'Italian style' - Sense of the Alps
Lunchbox 'Italian style' - Sense of the Alps

Lunchbox 'Italian style'

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Take your lunch and picnic on the mountain or in the canteen in true Alpine style.

This beautiful lunchbox incorporates a traditional knife produced in the town of Maniago in the Italian Alps, renown for its knife makers since the 14th century. The lid doubles as a handy cutting board. The cutting board is made from solid oak and is hand finished in the French Alps.

The Sense of the Alps Lunchbox is a unique and authentic gift for someone you really like.

Dimensions: 190 x 115 x 65 mm

Material: tin can / solid oak / Classic "Maniaghese" knife with wooden handle, brass inner scales and stainless steel blade included

Weight: 412g

Volume: 1.100 ml

Designed, developed and enjoyably tested in the Alps.

To enjoy your lunchbox for a long time, we advise not to put it in the dishwasher and to avoid the use of cleaning agents. Rinse with clear water, wipe the tin can with a damp household cloth and dry it thoroughly after cleaning.

The cutting board is made of durable solid oak. To accentuate its true beauty and character, its surface has been treated with olive oil. This treatment saturates the surface of the board, making it less sensitive to stains. You can repeat this treatment numerous times over the lifetime of the lunchbox.